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Motorcycle Helmets: Now is the time to check over your skid lids!

Spring season checks for Motorcycle helmets...

As the motorcycle riding season gets fired up around the country, now is the time to make sure motorcycle helmets are ready to withstand another season of heavy riding wear and tear. During April's "Check Your Helmet Month" as well as at various times throughout the year, motorcycle riders should take some time to follow a few simple rules in order to make sure their motorcycle helmets are ready for summer riding:

1. Fit is crucial - a motorcycle helmet must fit properly to be an effective piece of safety equipment, and not all helmets fit the same. A good fitting helmet should rest one inch above your eyebrows and shouldn't roll forward or sideways on your head. To ensure a comfortable fit, wear a helmet for 15 minutes before making a final buying decision.

2. They don't last forever - manufacturers and the SNELL Foundation recommend motorcycle helmets be replaced every three to five years, depending on use. Glues, resins and other helmet materials like the foam core break down over time and can make a helmet less effective.

3. Keep it spotless - well cared for motorcycle helmets will protect better and longer. Use a mild soap to wash the outer shell and internal liners. Never use solvents or chemicals for cleaning as they can destroy protective coatings.

4. Mirrors are not hangers - hanging a helmet on a motorcycle's mirror can damage the impact absorbing liner inside.

A Helmet Designed for Women

Harley-Davidson recently released the Skyline Helmet, the first and only helmet designed specifically for ladies who love to ride. The Skyline has a deeper cavity to provide a better fit, 3D-type comfort padding with removable and interchangeable pads for a custom fit, a notch for a pony-tail and an anti-static liner to keep hair smooth.

Who to Ask?

Online dealers can give some great advice nowadays, dealers can work to find the right helmet and fit for every rider. Motorcycle Superstore icon and Ridegear both carry a huge range of helmet styles including half, three-quarter, full-face and modular helmets, along with companies like Bike Bandit and J&P Cycles® .

In addition to the information provided by the online experts, at local dealerships, consumers can get some really detailed information about motorcycle helmets, helmet styles, components, fit, care and replacement, as well as check out a pretty good selection of helmets offered by all the big makes. This information can be important when making your decision on buying a new motorcycle helmet.

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a motorcycle helmet must fit properly to be an effective piece of safety equipment...

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