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An innovative forward looking company, the production of Nolan motorcycle helmets began in the early 1970s, when Lander Nocchi began to experiment with new, innovative plastic materials.

The plastics showed a significant mechanical performance improvement over existing helmet materials. He felt that these plastic resins could be formed into a strong lightweight helmet design that was unlike anything else in the motorcycle helmet market at that time.

The partnership between a pre-existing company operating in the car and motorcycle accessories sector and one of the biggest global producers of plastic raw materials gave rise to a line of helmets geared towards motorcycle use, priced extremely  competitively while not compromising on quality. The raw material producer was none other than GE , and the product it supplied was, and still is to this day known as Lexan*. The properties that the Lexan resin brought to the table were:

  • an improved impact resistance over other plastics used at that time,
  • a resistance to heat
  • easy paintability.


From that seed of an idea, Nolan have grown to become the market leader in the construction of polycarbonate motorcycle  helmets.

Over the last 30 years, Nolan helmets has raised the standard of its products considerably, has broadened its range and has encouraged the use of increasingly sophisticated materials.Its research and development, a single minded approach to production and stylish designs have all contributed to the success of the Nolan brand throughout the world's major markets. Now, commercial links established by Nolan Motorcycle Helmets have become more and more structured over time, and today Nolan have the backing of a sales network covering more than 70 countries worldwide.

Nolan motorcycle helmets are readily available online through several outlets.

*Lexan is a registered trademark of General Electric


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