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Looking forthe best prices and most extensive range of Honda motorcycle parts online?

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But first, a little history...

Honda motorcycle parts; made by Honda, also known as the Big H; the most powerful motorcycle manufacturer in the world. Of course that makes the market for Honda motorcycleparts an extremely important one for parts manufacturers and distributors alike.

The company started from humble beginnings in a shed in post war Japan, from which the founder, Sochiro Honda built a huge empire that now builds everything from the smallest mopeds through to the most successful racing bikes of the last twenty years.

All the success of Honda is built on the phenomenal sales of the C50 Cub; a four stroke bike that was easily maintained with a ready supply of Honda motorcycle parts. The C50 helped get Japan back on the road after the Second World War.

Racing came next; Honda went to the TT, lost and got laughed off the Isle of Man. They went back the next year and won, sounding the death knell of the British Motorcycle Industry. In 1969, the CB750 arrived on the scene, and it has been followed by a range of superb superbikes ever since.

But were exactly is the best place to buy motorcycle parts for Honda bikes online? There is a lot of competition amongst the Internet motorcycle parts suppliers for your hard earned cash, so I have decided to do some research of my own.

I have started with a range of parts for a Honda CBR 600F2, a pretty popular motorcycle and a model for which Honda motorcycle parts should be readily available.

I approached this like anyone else would; if you are looking for Honda motorcycle parts, what do you do? Being a simple kind of a guy, who wants results, I typed "honda motorcycle parts" (with no quotes)  into Google, and looked at the results.I also tried "motorcycle parts honda" as well. From there I tried to find the site that would allow me to search easily for a range of honda motorcycle parts, with or without part numbers. By the way, I didn't look at all the sites that returned for honda motorcycleparts; the total number of sites showing was over 650,000! So I concentrated on the top 50 results, and went from there.

That was not as easy as it sounds; some sites give the impression that you can search their entire stock online, when in fact you can do nothing of the kind! Other sites really didn't blow their trumpet enough and gave a good search facility. Anyway I came up with 2 sites that have an excellent online search and gave good results. There are others without doubt, but these two made the job of finding honda motorcycle parts so easy thet came out tops for me.


I'll come to those in a minute; but the first thing I should say is that there are plenty of suppliers who seem to go out of their way to make it difficult for you to buy motorcycle parts for Hondas. Some websites clearly want to be seen as an online supplier, but  you can't find the part you are looking for unless you have the part number!

When people are looking for their Honda motorcycle parts online, whether it is for street bike, cruisers or whatever, patience is ususally not a virtue. If you go to a site only to be told you have to find the part number first, you may never go back!

There are some sites where there is a total lack of thought for the web shopper. You are simply confronted with list after list of honda motorcycle parts when you select a particular Honda motorcycle model.Not very user friendly!

Best online experience goes to Bike Bandit . Their Parts wizard allows you to go right to the part you are looking for if you know the part number, alternatively, if you are browsing for motorcycle parts for hondas in general, you can go to a picklist to select the general part of the bike you are looking at, then narrow it down to a schematic diagram of the parts.

Bike Bandit does most of the  models, street bike and cruisers. Bike Bandit has parts available going back to 1979, which is mighty impressive!

If you are looking purely for cruiser parts, J&P Cycles® has a great site. J&P Cycles® is particularly easy to navigate, and has just about every Honda motorcycle part for all Honda cruisers.

For customising,J&P Cycles® - Motorcycle Parts and Accessories is probably the best I have seen if you are looking for original and aftermarket Honda motorcycle parts for your cruiser.


If I were choosing only two sites for Honda motorcycle parts, it would be Bike Bandit or J&P Cycles® . But when it comes down to it its not my money, so check them out yourself!

Don't forget to contact me to let me know what you think.

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There are some sites where there is a total lack of thought for the web shopper...

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