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Want to sell Ebay motorcycles? Need some help? Then read on...

...for the advice guaranteed to get you top dollar for your motorcycle!

....Ebay motorcycles are officially "hot" items! Thats the terms used by the biggest auction site on the web to describe the level of interest in motorcycles on Ebay. Which is good news if you are selling! But where do you start? Fear not my friend, everything you need to know is in this short article, so lets begin....

More photos sell motorcycles, and a complete description is the key to a completed transaction.

Remember that most of your potential buyers will not see the motorcycle in person before taking action on your listing. The more pictures, the better. Six is a good starting point (left side, right side, front, rear, top, and odometer close-up), but more are even better. This is especially true if there you are selling a custom bike, or your bike has heavy damage. Don't skimp on the photos, it can make or break your sale!

One problem with taking lots and lots of photos; they really slow down the time it takes to load you auction page. Unfortunately the way we humans are our expectations of all thing "net" are that thing happen almost instantaneously. Result? Potential buyers get bored waiting for your page to load and click onto the next item, so you lose the sales! There is a way round this though, and it is worth considering if you are going to sell more than one ebay motorcycles. There is a little piece of software called JPeg Magic that makes your photo files smaller (so they load faster) without any real loss of picture quality. Result? Your pages load faster, so you have a better chance of more sales! JPeg Magic is sold by a guy called Mike Enos, a Platinum Power Seller on Ebay. He also markets some e books and courses explaining how to get the most out of Ebay. If you want more information click here. The software costs about $49, but he always seems to have it on special offer. I have tried it and it does exactly what it says on the pack, but I can't find it on sale anywhere else. If you are serious about selling ebay motorcycles it is a worthwhile investment.

Anyway, I digress....

Write a thorough description

...a description that explains everything a potential buyer would want to know. A good guide is to write a description, and then ask yourself would you let a close family member buy a bike from that description. Would you let your mother buy that bike? Be critical and be honest. A good description includes a general description of the bike, a list of features, information on the bike's history, and terms of sale . I'll say it again; Be honest to a fault as this builds bidder trust and will help you get a higher price. Be professional, thorough, and clear.

Describe yourself.

Hi, I'm Justin, and I'm Taurus....No, not that kind of description! Include information about yourself to potential buyers. This is all about building trust with the potential buyers of ebay motorcycles. Are you an experienced rider who knows how to care for a bike? Let them know. Are you a dealer? Tell them and include some info about your dealership. Are you Kenny Roberts? If so, can I have your autograph?! Anyway you get the general idea.

Provide the VIN.

You will attract more genuine bids if a buyer has the ability to do checks on the motorcycle history. Also, most loans cannot be secured without a VIN. so supply the VIN number of all ebay motorcycles you sell.

Prepare to have the title in hand.

Be sure to have the title in hand when you list the motorcycle to avoid any delays in completing the transaction with the buyer at the end of the listing. It can take several days to secure the title so make sure you allow for this in the sales process.

Be accessible to potential buyers.

Make sure your phone and email address on your eBay account is accurate. The serious buyers will be more likely to engage in business with you if you are open and responsive to questions and concerns - both during the listing period and after the purchase when transactional details are being worked out. And don't forget, this is more than just being a good seller; a buyer has the right to withdraw a winning bid if he cannot reach the seller to get questions answered fully.

Reach out to potential buyers.

If you have questions about the potential buyer's feedback rating, or have questions about bidding activity, contacting the person may help. Additionally, it's likely that the potential buyer has questions on the ebay motorcycles you are selling, or about the sale terms and will appreciate you getting in touch. The best sellers talk to every serious bidder and, as a result:

  • build better bidder trust to get more bids and
  • have fewer communication problems that could lead to a problem with your auction.

At the end it all comes down to trust, and you have to work at it to build it.

Be realistic and determine the best price for your motorcycle.

As a starting point, refer to Private Party or Trade-In Value guidelines at Kelley blue book, or look at final prices achieved on other eBay listings for similar ebay motorcycles . Check out the article I have written on how to get the best out of kelly blue book motorcycles and apply it to your ebay motorcycles deal. Consider the condition of your motorcycle and any customization that you have done and refine the price accordingly. In general, if you set the starting price low it will attract bidder attention and drive market excitement. Mike Enos has written some good e books on the best way to price product on Ebay; the process can easily be applied to ebay motorcycles.
Important: If you're using a reserve price, use it to provide downside protection rather than to create selling margin. Set it at a level at which you could let the bike go rather than the price you expect. If the reserve is too high, it will discourage bidders and bidding may not reach the necessary level to make the sale. On the other hand, when the bidding passes reserve, often the market excitement really kicks in and the bidding intensifies. You can then sit back and watch the marketplace work for you.

Enjoy It!

Selling on ebay motorcycles is like selling on any other part of Ebay; its fun! And very manageable if you follow the guidelines.

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