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Metzeler motorcycle tires - learn about Metzeler motorcycle tires, and the top sites to buy them on the Net!

In its 130 year history, Metzeler motorcycle tires have always satisfied motorcyclists demands for innovation.

Metzeler has always been an industry leader, setting trends that others are still trying to achieve. Metzeler motorcycle tires have become a necessity for many motorcyclists- they simply would never consider using anything else. Here are the milestones in the company's long history:

1863 - Robert Friedrich Metzeler opened a commercial firm selling rubber and elastic goods in Munich, Germany. Some of Metzeler's earliest products included technical and surgical devices, sports balls, toys and various tyes of waterproof clothing.

1871 - Metzeler established their first factory for rubber products. the company grew so quickly that by 1887 the factory's capacity was unable to satisfy demand, so a new factory was built. Thanks to new procedures the India rubber processing was revolutionized, and Metzeler was granted the patent for this process.

1890 - Metzeler became leaders in the growing aircraft and airship industry, developing a multilevel rubber manufacturing method for linen and cotton fabric. This coated fabric was used for balloon, airship and aircraft construction.

1892 - Metzeler played an important role in tire development for the bicycle, motorcycle and motor-car industry.

1933 - Metzeler set an impressive achievement in tire manufacturing by making the first useful tire using the new synthetic rubber 'buna'.

1937 - Metzeler motorcycle tires set the high-speed world record for motorcycles at 279.5 km/h, or 175 miles per hour to you and me!

1945 - After the war, apart from traditional motorcycle and car tire manufacturing, other activities were developed in the technical rubber segment and for the leisure market.

1974 - First low profile tire in the 80 and 90 series of products.

1978 - Developed the first tubeless motorcycle tire in Europe.

1978/79 - Metzeler changed its company focus due to economic reasons, and started producing only motorcycle tires. The Munich manufacturing plant was closed and all of the production was moved into the second Breuberg factory in Odenwald.

1982 - Metzeler continued in their role of innovator in the motorcycle tire industry, and developed the first tread pattern with crosswise oriented grooves, instead of the usual lengthwise - the ME 33 Laser.

1983 - Metzeler introduces the first cross ply motorcycle tire with a kevlar belt for mass production. This leads to the introduction of the "MBS" - Metzeler Belt System.

1986 - Metzeler motorcycle tires became a member of the Pirelli Group. A restructuring period of the existing different branches into independent companies took place, and in 1989, Pirelli founded Metzeler Reifen GmbH. In the same year Metzeler introduced another innovation in motorcycle tires- the arrow parabolic tire to the rear wheel - the ME 1.

1987 - Metzeler launches the first Silica-tread compound for motorcycle tires, called "CompK".

1992 - Metzeler motorcycle tires introduced the worldwide first 0° steel belted radial rear tire for motorcycles - the ME Z1.

1994 - Metzeler motorcycle tires set the motorcycle world record for 24 hours at 246.0 km/h.

1995 - The Metzeler Quality Management System was certified by DIN EN ISO 9002.

1996 - Metzeler develops the first 0° steel belted radial front tire. The ME Z4 was the worlds first tire set with the revolutionary 0° steel belted radial technology.

1998 - Metzeler introduces the ME Z3. These tires use all the advantages of the 0° steel belting for the fist time for a supersport tire in history.

2000 - Metzeler introduces the new Metzeler ME 880 in the size of 240/40 R 18 to meet the demands of custom builders world wide. With a width of 243 millimeters, at the time it was the world's widest motorcycle tire. Furthmore it featured the patented 0° steel belted technology.

2001 - Metzeler introduced the new RENNSPORT radial racing tires, Metzeler sets a new breakthrough. It succeded in developing a supersport fitment that combines the outstanding performance of racing tires with the all round characteristics of a normal motorcycle tire.

2003 - Unveiled the ME880 280/35-R18, the world's largest steel-belted motorcycle tire.

All this developments for the world of motorcycle, many of which were on the cutting edge of technology at the time they were introduced , shows that Metzeler with it's more than 100 years long experience in development of high quality motorcycle tires, is looking forward to a very bright future.

Metzeler Motorcycle tires are undoubtedly one of the best performing tires in history. Check out my choices for Metzeler motorcycle tire suppliers near you...

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