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Ducati motorcycle parts online; for the Ferrari of motorcycles...

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But first a little history...

Ducati motorcycle parts; the components that when put together spell Ducati, one of the oldest and proudest names in motorcycling.

Already an established make, Ducati really took off in the 50s, when engineer Fabio Taglioni started designing engines using his famous desmodronic valve actuation where the valve is opened and closed positively by cams, rather than opened by a cam and closed with a spring. These particular Ducati motorcycle parts became synonymous with the company.

GP wins followed although you have got to remember that at that point this was almost a formality, as the Vatican was a major shareholder! Talk about divine intervention!

But it was the 70s and the arrival of the V. twins that set the seal on the Ducati reputation after a period in the sales doldrums in the eighties. Ducati, came back with the four valve V. twins that have dominated superbike racing ever since. In 2003 the whole range underwent an serious revision with new engines all round and a whole new look for the superbikes.

So, where do you go online for Ducati motorcycle parts? A quick search on Google for "ducati motorcycle parts" will give you over 300,000 sites for your deliberation. If you try to look at that lot, you will never have time to ride your bike, let alone buy any ducati motorcycle parts online...

So where do you go? Wel there used to be one site which stands head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to Ducati parts, especially when it is Ducati oem motorcycle parts you are looking for; that is Bike Bandit. Bike Bandit have the most complete range of motorcycleparts I have ever seen, with a motorcycle parts list going back over twenty years!

Unfortunately Bike Bandit is no longer an option. However I am in the process of comiling a directory of Ducati Motorcycle parts suppliers, which hopefully will go some way to replacing the void left by Bike Bandit.

Finding motorcycle parts on Bike bandit is a simple matter; from the OEM parts page you enter the year, make and model of your bike, then choose the area of the bike you are concerned with. If you are looking for the motorcycle parts accociated with the brakes, click on "brakes". A schematic diagram will pop up showing all the motorcycle parts for the model you selected, with pricing and availability.

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...the arrival of the V. twins that set the seal on the Ducati reputation...

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