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Ebay motorcycles are hot items. Want to know how to buy them?

Well relax, because all the information you need is right here....

How to buy motorcycles on Ebay

...Ebay motorcycles are officially "hot" according to the worlds biggest auction site. That means they are climbing up the popularity ladder on Ebay, and there are definitely occasions when demand exceeds supply. So how do you go about buying bikes on Ebay? Read on for the most impartial advice on the Net!

Read the description thoroughly.

The description is the seller's main opportunity to tell you all the stuff you need to know about the motorcycle - the condition, terms of sale, any guarantee, etc. Some descriptions are better than others, and the best sellers will be very thorough. If you have a question that isn't covered in the description, contact the seller (use the "Ask seller a question" link at the top of the auction listing). Don't wait until the end of the auction. Also, be aware that many Sellers don't want to negotiate the price (or reserve price)of ebay motorcycles, but do want to answer any questions that you have.

Make the assumption that all ebay motorcycles are sold in "as is" condition.

Make an independent assessment of the condition of the motorcycle and if you are in any doubt, contact the seller with any questions ,questions and more questions before making an offer! Go on, don't be shy! Pester the life out of him until you get satisfactory answers. The good sellers will be very open about what you are bidding on and the bad sellers... well you don't want to know them do you? Oh, and be realistic in your expectations of used or older Ebay motorcycles - expect normal "wear and tear". And if a bike on ebay seems like it's too good to be true, but you can't find out why and you can't contact the seller, guess what? It probably is too good to be true! You have been warned .......

Ask questions.

See the note above. Questions are a great way to learn more about the Ebay motorcycles you are interested in,and get more comfortable with the bike and the seller. The more specific you can be in your questions, the more helpful the seller can be with his or her answers.Questions you may want to ask are:

  • Can you supply extra photos by email?
  • Can I look at documentation ? (They can probably scan it and send it as an attachment)
  • Service records, name of the dealer that provided any servicing?

Learn about the seller.

Know your seller and review his/her feedback rating.
Check the seller's feedback rating for positive comments and to see if the seller has sold ebay motorcycles in the past. If you cannot reach your seller, or you seller is inaccessible by email and/or phone, don't buy the Ebay motorcycle until you are able to make contact and the seller addresses your questions to your satisfaction. Ebay has a policy to cover you if you can't reach the seller which says you can retract your bid if you can't contact the seller, so this puts the onus on the person selling the bike to make himelf available.

Know what you can afford, and the total costs.

Determine guidelines for what you are willing to pay.
All bids on eBay are binding so you should make sure that you know how much you can afford first. Refer to Private Party or Trade-In Value guidelines at or look at final prices on other eBay listings for similar ebay motorcycles . Check out my article on how to get the best out of kelly blue book motorcycles .Know your total costs and how you'll cover them.
Make sure you consider all the potential costs such as:

  • Title & Registration,
  • State Taxes,
  • any shipping costs.

Refer to your state DMV site for guidelines on taxes, title and registration. If the seller isn't local, make sure you know how you are going to get your motorcycle or how you are going to arrange shipping. Ususally sellers of ebay motorcycles can help arrange shipping, but buyers usually pay for it. Wouldn't hurt to get some shipping quotes of your own though. DAS is one company that should be able to help you. We wouldn't want any unscrupulous sellers inflating the cost of shipping in order to improve their margins would we ? Or am I being too cynical?

Bidding for ebay motorcycles over $15,000? Be sure to have your credit card on file first!

You are required to have a credit card on file with eBay if you bid more than $15,000 on an item. You get notified when you bid, but don't panic, you won't get charged anything. Your credit card details are used to confirm your identity - a nice little security measure put in place by Ebay to help protect buyers (and sellers) from any potential high-bid frauds.

If you really want to make the best deal when buying a bike on EBay, this e book will be the best $30 dollar investment you make, believe me. I can feel myself turning red with embarassment when I read it; it makes me think of all the monumental clangers I have dropped in the past when buying and selling bikes. If you want to avoid the same mistakes, or avoid repeating them (like me!) then click here.....

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