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Buy the best Motorcycle clothing. It's as much a part of the ride as your trusty steed!

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Motorcycle clothing is a minefield of clever marketing, hype and buried somewhere underneath all that some very very good products. But where do you start? How do you make informed decisions on what motorcycle clothing is best for you?

Back to basics…

Why do we wear motorcycle clothing in the first place? For me the answer is obvious; it is purely a safety issue. In Europe, any safety clothing, whatever its use, has to be certified fit for purpose by a series of test carried out in laboratories that are authorised to do so. If they pass, they can be sold bearing the CE mark. as a result of the testing and associated research it has become clear that well made motorcycle clothing can definitely help reduce injuries in the event of a crash.

I consider the minimum protective gear for any motorcyclist has to include the following items of motorcycle clothing:

  • Helmet; (check out my page on motorcycle helmets for more info)
  • Eye Protection;
  • Gloves;
  • Jacket;
  • Long trousers;
  • Above-the-ankle footwear.(thats motorcycle boots to you and me!)

This is the bare minimum; Here's a description of what I mean by each of these items

Eye protection means the shield of a full-face or three-quarter helmet, goggles, or close-fitting eyeglasses.

Most of us will put out our hands in the case of a fall; it's a reflex action. Riders should wear gloves to protect their hands.

I recommend motorcycle trousers for two reasons; Protection in the case of a fall (even jeans will not provide much protection there) Protection from debris (dust, stones, and so on) that get kicked up by vehicles in front of you, and because of the insects you are likely to meet on your trip. A whack in the thigh by a beetle can sting, and a wasp or bee can really do a lot of damage if it gets to you bare legs.

motorcycle boots offer a number of protections:

  • from the insects and flying pebbles noted above,
  • it can reduce the likelihood of a burn from hot exhaust pipes, (especially if you go over on the bike).
  • It can protect you feeet and ankles in the event of a crash or other accident.

If you are interested to know what parts of your body are most at risk while motorcycling, look out for a page telling which parts of your body you should protect coming shortly. The results will probably surprise you; they certainly did me!

As I said above, I always wear a jacket. What kind of jacket should you get, though? Traditional, tried-and-true leather, or these new fangled synthetics? Check out my page on motorcycle leathers for a guide to making the best informed decision.

And look out for my page coming soon for information on how to select a jacket. If you cant make your mind up about whether leather or synthetic fabrics make the best motorcycle clothing, look out for my page comparing the performance of synthetic fabrics and leather.

Finally, keep an eye out here for a page discussing the performance of Kevlar clothing and motorcycle body armor.

All good stuff! And all designed to inform and educate.

There are lots of places to buy motorcycle clothing online; here are my top three choices....

icon No.1 , No.2 , No.3

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Financing your dream bike is purely a safety issue. In Europe, any safety clothing, whatever its use, has to be certified fit for purpose...

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