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Arai motorcycle helmets have a fantastic reputation in the business. They are based in Japan and have been in business more than 50 years. The company gets its name from the founder founder is Hirotake Aria.  Arai motorcycle helmets have ranked the highest in overall customer satisfaction for five straight years.They are not cheap, but this is one case where you get what you pay for!

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 Arai now has three different shell shapes.

Aria motorcycle helmets take a slightly different approach to motorcycle helmet fit than most manufacturers. Most helmet manufacturers do some R&D to develop a shell shape and an interior fit shape they think will appeal to a lot of riders; then they make the helmet and put it on the market. The potential customer then tries on the helmet, and it either fits the customer's head, or it doesn't.

Arai Helmets, on the other hand, takes a different approach. Instead of one-shape-for-all, Arai makes three different interior fit shapes to choose from.

Arai focus very heavily on  helmet fit ;they clearly believe that the fit is the overriding factor in the evaluation of the helmet by the rider. Originally  Arai motorcycle helmets were available in two interior fit shapes defined by the Quantum and Signet models; Arai have added another interior fit shape to the range with the development of the Astral model. The research that Arai motorcycle helmets have carried show them  the rider benefits of a better, more comfortable fit result in a helmet that can be worn longer - without fatigue or "pressure points". A better fit can definitely  help reduce wind noise because it seals better, conforming more your head shape. It allows for a better chance of buying a helmet that's the right size for your head - instead of one that's too large - because in the search for comfort riders  might be tempted to buy a size that's too large in order to get a "one-shape-for-all" helmet to feel comfortable. And a  helmet that is too large is one of the major contributors to wind noise, buffeting, and in the extreme, a helmet that moves around on your head.


It comes down to a basic fact: the shape of the head - the relationship between length and width - are as important as head size in determining the right helmet for you a helmet:

  1. Oval front to back, thin at the ears (aerodynamic head dude!)

  2. round Oval with , almost (but not quite) circular

  3. Intermediate oval , that would be intermediate between oval and round oval. Geddit?


In summary, they ain't cheap, but they consistently get rave reviews, so if you have got $700 for a top of the range model (ouch!) Arai motorcycle helmets could be for you.

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