HJC motorcycle helmets; a class act....

HJC motorcycle helmets have been in the business of making helmets since the early 1970's, and are well known and respected in the industry for their range of  mid to high range helmets.

Their mission is very clear; to be recognised as a premier supplier of motorcycle helmets worldwide. They have gone a long way to acheiving this goal; in fact HJC motorcycle helmets have been number one (or very close) in North america for over ten years.

All the HJC helmets are made in Korea using state of the art production techniques and strict quality control. No more than you would expect from any manufacturer of critical safety equipment, however HJC definitely do a great job in this area.

HJC motorcycle helmets have continued to evolve, with the "flagship product", the AC range for street and off road riders proving very popular. The AC range of HJC helmets is a genuine attempt to produce a product with all the features of a "high end" helmet, with a mid range price.They have also introduced a modular helmet called the Symax which is pitched at the cruiser market and has quickly become a favorite with the riders who wear it.

As you would expect from a global company, the quality of the helmets are on a par with their competitors, with all helmets DOT approved and a large number Snell certified.

HJC motorcycle helmets are definitely worth looking at; they have a lot of great features at a good price. They are mass produced and so will be a little one shaped; so pay attention to the comfort level with these helmets.

Great value, well made, check them out!


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