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AGV helmets are a name that every biker should be familiar with, thanks mostly these days to one Valentino Rossi! But the origin of the company was a far cry from the AGV motorcycle helmets set up we know today...

AGV stands for Amisano Gino Valenza, the initials of the founder, and it was motorcycle seats and saddles, nit motorcycle helmets that AGV began manufacturing almost 60 years ago. The company started in 1947, and two years later, in 1949, AGV began experimenting with  the production of motorcycle helmets. AGV helmets grew in poularity very quickly, as a result of the commitment of the company to produce helmets suitable for all riders, but particulary the competitive sport motorcyclists who were continually looking for the latedt developments to give them the edge.

After the introduction to the market of the first AGV open faced leather helmet in 1949, AGV helmets developed further in 1953, with the inroduction of the first vulcaized fiberglass helmet. A year later, AGV was able to introduce the first 100% open faced fiberglass helmet.

Full faced helmets were the next obvious development, and AGV's expertise in other areas were to play a big part in this.  The company were asked to help in the pursuit of the one kilometer downhill ski speed record. Their cotribution was the development of a special full face helmet which increased the aerodynamics of the skier. A  few year later, AGV were able to use the same technology to produce a fiberglass full face helmet especially for the motorcycle market.

In 1977, AGV motorcycle helmets funded the Cinica Mobile, or "travelling hospital" to ensure that excellent medical facilities would be available to at least some riders. The Clinica Mobile is still around today, helping riders conducting research and ensuring safety is always near the top of their list.

Top AGV Helmets, top riders...

As you would expect,  AGV Helmets have been worn by some great riders past and present. In fact the list of motorcycle riders wearing AGV reads like a Whos Who of the sport! Take a look at this lot...

Barry Sheene

Rany Mamola

Giacomo Agostini

King Kenney Roberts

Max Biaggi

Troy Corser

and some guy called Rossi - not sure who he is but I've heard he's pretty good...


If those reccomendations are anything to go by , with AGV Helmets you can be sure you will be in safe hands!

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