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Started in 1995, AFX Motorcycle Helmets North America Inc. is a wholly owned and operated US based company . AFX has quickly built a solid reputation for the design and production of motorcycle, ATV and snowmobile helmets.

AFX motorcycle helmets

It maintains its position in a highly competitive market through a joint venture with Taiwan-based Shokan International Company Ltd.. All the AFX helmets are exclusively manufactured in Shokan's manufacturing facilities located in Tainan, Taiwan, to a high level specifications and quality standards. These standards have quickly become the trademark for all AFX helmets.

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At AFX helmets their approach to the business of selling helmets came from the realisation that the average motorcyclist was now getting less helmet for the dollar than ever before. They recognized the need for a helmet line that could start from a whiteboard approach, giving them the opportunity to build full-featured helmets at a reasonable price. This corporate philosophy led to the development of a helmet line that is full-featured, but very competitively priced. Starting from scratch allowed AFX to build the helmets right the first time, without having to build over any existing styles or designs.You can see the result of their effort in this selection of AFX Helmets I put together with an online helmets supplier.

Unlike some helmet companies that work with agents and resellers, AFX only sells to distributors, and only sell to one distributor in each country they service. This distributor sells directly to the retail stores. By doing business this way they can eliminate the extra pricing step in the chain that always seems to inflate the price for us motorcyclists and dilute the service and quality. Doing business this way is a little out of the normal, but seems to work very well for AFX, as since 1995, AFX North America Inc. has enjoyed strong and consistent growth. Dealers like them because the AFX motorcycle helmets are not only quality products, but hot sellers. Currently, AFX are looking to expand their distribution network into global markets, particularly Europe and Australia, and hope to be selling extensively globally within the next few years.

In addition to all AFX motorcycle helmets reaching the DOT standard, two of the company's helmets meet the strict standards outlined by the Snell Memorial
Foundation, and have been Snell certified. These helmets, the X-15R full-face, and the FX-8R off-road helmets, were designed to meet the requirements of both the DOT and Snell Memorial Foundation.
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