What makes Shoei motorcycle helmets so respected?

...Shoei motorcycle helmets have been leading the way in motorcyle helmet development since 1958. The company was started by its founder Eitaro Kamata, who designed his first products exclusively for the racing sector. What is amazing even by today’s standards is the pace at which Shoei motorcycle helmets became popular world wide.Starting in the late sixties, SHOEI’s reputation as a top quality helmet took hold at first in the U.S., then later word spread to the bike tracks of Europe.

To really appreciate shoei motorcycle helmets, regardless of model, it is worth looking at what makes it so different from any other mass produced helmet in the world toady. A SHOEI helmet is manufactured using a process combining computer controlled machines and assembly by hand resulting in a superb quality finish. Through the use of computer controlled lasers and water jets to  cut the eye port and vent openings, the consistent quality is (acording to Shoei) second to none in the industry.Customer reviews definitely support this. Precision machines are used to punch holes for base plate screw location. (different tooling for each shell size and model) Computer controlled painting for white, black and Monza red colors, with all other colors hand painted to ensure superior finish, which cannot be matched by a machine.

The comfort, which you experience whenever you put on a SHOEI, comes from the hand assembled interior. Shoei motorcycle helmets are made in up to 10 different molds per model. There is a special fit  for Asian, American and European markets, in order to insure that the typical head shape of the customers is matched as closely as possible. In addition, Shoei use a smaller shell for smaller size heads than the shell used for large size heads. That requires additional molds, but I guess this is an indication of the thought and care Shoei put into their helmet design. This makes them especially suited for kids motorcycle helmets (see my article on choosing kids helmets) Several real test heads and endless hours of test riding ultimately make it possible to make a helmet, which fits almost as if it is tailor made. So, basically what Shoei are saying is, if one of their helmets doesn't fit you, you must be an alien from another planet! Regarding choice of padding materials, Shoei's priorities arequality, durability, comfort and appearance, not for low cost. A SHOEI Helmet is definitely a masterpiece of sleek aerodynamics, after all, SHOEI helmet technology is born and permanently developed under racetrack conditions. Facts to consider are:  

  • A SHOEI helmet does not detach you from your environment. Their aim is for you to be able to hear your engine, and to be able to hear other vehicles (for example emergency vehicles) approaching.
  • In order to achieve this,  SHOEI helmets spend months in the wind tunnel being tested in order to create as little noise as possible.  
  • One of Shoei "signature features is that the   ventilation channels run inside the helmet and not outside, purely to reduce noise. 

SHOEI manufactures all helmets in Japan, even though manufacturing costs there have long since exceeded the level in many other countries, so the helmets are never going to be cheap, but the finished product is without doubt one of the best helmets on the market.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Shoei, who along with Arai have established a reputation for being the best (and most expensive) helmets on the market. If you want the best and price is not your main consideration(it never should be when choosing a helmet) check out Shoei! icon

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