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Bell Motorcycle Helmets

Named after the town auto parts store outside of Los Angeles where it started, Bell is an American helmet company .

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No  review of motorcycle helmet manufacturers would be complete without mentioning the Bell company. As well as motorcycle helmets, they also produce helmets for  bicycle and car racing

Did you ever wonder what happened to Bell helmets?  Bell seemed to be around forever, and the distinctive Bell logo was everywhere. .  If you were serious about motorcycle riding, you owned a Bell motorcycle helmet.Bell were started in the 1950's and quickly became the motorcycle helmet of choice for a huge number of riders.   Bell was the Arai, Shoei and Suomy of its time and they became so popular that almost all the serious racers in the US wore Bell motorcycle helmets

After some financial difficulties  Bell was purchased by Bieffe, the Italian helmet manufacturer, who decided that the Bell name was a little too "old school" so Bell bike helmets all but disappeared from the market. In recent times  the Bell name was  reacquired from Bieffe, and Bell motorcycle helmets are now available again in the U.S.A.  Bell helmets opened a motorcycle helmet design and testing facility in Santa Cruz, California to develop, prototype and create the tooling necessary to manufacture the new designs. They have developed  an extensive selection of Snell M2000 and DOT approved motocross and off-road helmets, and they've recently developed a line of open-face motorcycle street helmets that offer some unique features for the cruiser  market.

I have put together a sample of what Bell motorcycle helmets are available on the Bell Helmets page.

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