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Motorcycle Gear Reviews for 2007

When it comes to motorcycles, there is no shortage of enthusiasts. So what was the most popular motorcycle gear in 2007? Let us take a look, and maybe you were using some of these highly sought after and popular products.

Motorcycle Gloves of the Year

Roadgear Adaptive-Tec Motorcycle Gloves

Roadgear Adaptive-Tec Motorcycle Gloves

Sometimes you have to look at the track record of a company for its gear, and Roadgear came through in 2007. These all-year-round gloves give you needed protection, with warmth and comfort for colder temperatures.

Best Motorcycle Jeans of the Year

Shift Motorcycle Jeans

SHIFT (it into gear) Motorcycle Jeans icon

Wear them on your ride, or just out and about. They don't hug you in the wrong places, and they let you breathe wear you need while sitting down for a nice long ride, while looking great.

Motorcycle Helmet of the Year

GMax 68Smotorcycle helmet


This helmet provides great quality and improved ventilation. Your vision range is superior compared to other helmets, and the price was very affordable. This is still regarded as a new model, see the latest update onMotorcycle Helmets for 2008

Male Motorcycle Clothing of the Year

Joe Rocket Ballistic Jacket 7.0

Joe Rocket Ballistic Jacket 7.0 icon

Everyone knows this motorcycle clothing maker provides quality and comfort for its riders. This jacket is no exception. With its light weight, all-waterproof and loaded features, you would think you could not afford it, but you'd be wrong.

Motorcycle Winter Vest of the Year

Tourmaster Synergy Heated Vest

Tourmaster Synergy Heated Vest icon

We all know it can get pretty cold out there on the road in the winter, and the Tourmaster Synergy Heated Vest gives everyone a fully functional vest that doesn't clear out your wallet.

Female Motorcycle Clothing of the Year

Cortech LNX Jacket

Cortech LNX Jacket

The ladies are building their presence on bikes each year, so you'd better believe their gear is stepping up a notch, too. This jacket is distinctive, adds a touch of class to its design, as well as protects you in all the right areas.

Whatever type of gear you bought in 2007, always be careful on the road and be protected from the elements and drivers, so you can stay safe in 2008.

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