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Motorcycle helmets guide for 2008

As always a new year brings a whole clutch of new motorcycle helmets, and 2008 is no exception. This motorcycle helmet guide for 2008 is really just scratching the surface, but should give you some idea of whats out there. Tempted yet? You will be...

AGV GPTech motorcycle helmet


First up in this selection of motorcycle helmets for 2008 is the all-new AGV GPTech motorcycle helmet icon . The shell features Super-Super-Light)Carbon-Kevlar construction with three shell sizes for the perfect fit. IVS (integrated ventilation system with wide channels hollowed directly in the shell offers enhanced air-flow into the helmet and improved aerodynamic penetration with three intake vents and five exhaust vents. The liner is fully removable and washable. Speaking of the liner/neckroll, the interior is made of multi-featured fabrics given a hygienic treatment to provide maximum comfort, including a humidity/sweat absorbing CoolMax panel for the forehead, temples and at the back of the neck, while a hyper-breathable material is used for the top and rear area for effective air-flow. The flat, anti-scratch shield is constructed of an anti-fog polycarbonate for a wider field-of-vision while a tear-off system keeps visibility high in nasty conditions. When the sun is shining, the shield provides 100% UV protection. Plus a new and improved extra quick release system lets you replace the shield without any tools in just seconds As well as these features, a new safety feature deters shield detachment in the case of an impact. Both DOT and ECE certified, the GPTech gets a three-year warranty and comes in sizes XS to 3XL. Click here to checlk latest pricing on theAGV GPTech motorcycle helmet... icon

Arai XD3 Motorcycle Helmet


When Arai first introduced the XD motorcycle helmet a few years back, its styling caused quite the stir as the single helmet design was equally at home on the street or offroad; a whole new concept in hybrid design. Now it has been updated and improved for 2008, and given the name XD3. Among its new features, the Arai XD3 motorcycle helmet icon gets the Emergency Release Cheek-pad Design, an Arai innovation introduced on the VX-Pro3 dirt helmet last year. Developed to allow easier access to an injured rider, the new XD3's pads slide out easily via the integrated pull-tabs built into the underside of the cheek-pad which makes helmet removal much easier for trained medical technicians. That kind of detail and awareness, and the acknoledgement that crashes will and do happen for me is one of the real stand outs for Arai motorcycle helmets. The peak has also been redesigned for improved stability and airflow. One of the selling points to the original XD's uniqueness was Arai's Twin-Cam Shield Pivot System that allows the helmet shield to operate fully beneath the mounted peak, staying low when fully raised. This has the effect of allowing the peak to be mounted much lower than otherwise possible, which in turen results in better aerodynamics and a better overall "look" to the helmet. The XD3's shield system is also designed for the shield to be used without the peak, or with the peak and no shield as desired. Other new features include Arai's diffuser ventilation first introduced on the RX-7 series road racing helmets — (and now possibly Arai's most ripped off feature). But the XD3 borrows the front vents from the company's Profile model, again designed for increased air intake. There's also a pull-down chin-bar spoiler, and the contour of the lower shell has been refined. All in all a nice looking motorcycle helmet for 2008, and a genuine upgrade in the XD series. check out the pricing for the Arai XD3 motorcycle helmet here...icon

Fulmer AFM1 StreetModus Motorcycle Helmet


Just one of their many new helmet models for the new year, the upgraded AFM1 Street Modus has a feature Fulmer says is so innovative that it can't be explained in writing. "You've got to see it to believe!" claim the folks from Fulmer. Well they would say that wouldn't they? But hang on a minute, this modular "flip-up" helmet comes in six solids and eight colors as well as the new Trident graphic. Other improvements include an revamped ventilation system, accent graphics on the solid colour helmets and a 100%?zinc alloy retention system on the chinbar. A genuine effort by Fulmer motorcycle helmets to cater for their loyal customer base.

GMAX GM68S Motorcycle Helmet


The GMAX GM68S full-face motorcycle helmet icon. Following up the huge success of the 46X off-road helmet, this DOT helmet has 19 vents for top of the range ventilation. Nine intake and 10 large exhaust vents with simple controls let the fresh air in and get the hot air out. The controls are easily operated even when the rider has his or her gloves on, a great touch. Outside, the helmet has a lightweight, thermo-poly alloy shell, with water decals and a quality clear coat finish. Inside tthings get intersting, as multiple shells and inner foam help keep weight down while allowing the GMAX to provide a premium fit. The 68S has a removable, washable Coolmax interior with removable cheek pads available in different sizes for a custom fit. The 68S motorcycle helmet also features an anti-scratch optically correct shield with easy toolless removal. However the biggest innovation from GMAX is the patented LED light incorporated into the rear vent — it's hardly noticeable (until you put it on!) with three easy-to-use settings to aid in visibility. Part of the GMAX platinum series, the 68S also comes with a smoke shield in addition to the clear shield. The LED is a nice innovation from GMAX, which makes this helmet well worth looking at icon.

Icon Airframe Motorcycle Helmet


The claims made on this new motorcycle helmet from Icon center around its vantilation system. This helmet has a cooling effect from its ventilation like no other, and it is true that on a lot of motorcycle helmets that claim to have great ventilation systems, the effect is minimal. Icon claims the Airframe is the closest thing to air conditioning you can buy in a full-face helmet. The Icon Airframe motorcycle helmet icon is DOT and Snell M2005-approved mainly as a result of its pressure-molded fiberglass and Dyneema shell. Inside, a removable, washable wicking liner made of Icon's exclusive "Hydradry" material (which comes printed with the graphics and text from exterior shell graphic). Speaking of graphics and evangelical zeal, the Seventh Seal graphic is based on a Biblical quote about the end of the world. If Armageddon doesn't claim you too quickly, it might be worth checking this motorcycle helmet form Icon out icon, to see if the reality lives up to the hype...

M2R GP1 Motorcycle Helmet


The M2R GP1 motorcycle helmet icon has an outer shell constructed of Kevlar, Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass in which the excess resin is extruded from the shell fibers. This technology, which by the way is exclusive to M2R leaves only the resin needed for shell integrity. The layering technology is also unique due to the pattern in which the fibers are laid to absorb impact and resist penetration. The process, along with the fiber pattern, allows M2R to make one of the lightest and most technology advanced helmets in the world. This process also ensures the helmet has a perfectly balanced weight bias. Other great features include a dual density EPS inner liner; fully adjustable front and forehead venting; standard flat shield with tear-off posts for racing; an integrated shield lock mechanism; and tool less push button quick release shield system with removable side plates &mdash. The GP1 meets or exceeds DOT standards, is Snell M2005 certified and is available in XS to 2XL in a whole host of colors and graphics. Check out the pricing for the M2R GP1 motorcycle helmet right here... icon

Scorpion EXO-700 Black Dahlia Motorcycle Helmet


Scorpion's new EXO-700 Black Dahlia motorcycle helmet for women was designed for women who ride , and is designed as part of a range of coordinated gear from Scorpon in the Black Dahlia range. More importantly the helmet is DOT approved and does what it is primarily designed to do, that is protect in the event of a "coming together" with cage or pavement.

Shark RSX Motorcycle Helmet


The Shark RSX Motorcycle Helmet icon has great aerodynamic qualities which mean it is equally at home for racing or recreational riding. The shell is made from Carbon/Aramid, multi-directional composite fibers and comes in two sizes. Safety is increased by six multi-element internal shock-absorbers with differentiated density. Airflow is directed by integrated ducts. The F1 type, enhanced-safety 3mm visor is dual-treated anti-scratch/anti-fog for "Total Vision" according to Shark. The RSX also offers a "Push One" visor quick-release system using four anchor points and "Touch One" flush-mount rapid-opening ventilation. The fully adjustable, removable and washable interior is made of Coolmax fabric and the lid's ergonomic cheek pads are a 3D foam. The helmet meets or exceed DOT and ECE standards, and is worth checking out icon.

SparX S-07 Motorcycle Helmet


If you are looking for a new helmet on a tight budget then the SparX S-07 Special edition motorcycle helmet icon includes bonus dark face shield and is loaded with primo features including lightweight Thermo composite shell construction; form-fitted contoured cheek pads; a completely removable, washable liner system for superior fit; an in-visor anti-fog ventilation system; true ventilation channels for optimum circulation and a quick release tool-less ratchet system. The lid also comes with a five-year limited warranty against manufacturer's defect and meets or exceeds DOT and ECE 22-05 standards

Vemar VTXE Motorcycle Helmet


The Vemar VTXE Motorcycle Helmet icon is engineered and manufactured in Italy to the ECE standard. It comes with a full five-year warranty and includes features like the mid-oval shell shape (which offers a more generous fit front to back and a more snug fit ear to ear), and cheek pads that are designed to perfectly follow the shape of the rider's face come standard. In fact the pads are molded from a proprietary material that has more memory then the foam used by the competitors, so consequently they are able to maintain their shape longer. The exterior shell is aerodynamically shaped for ease of cutting through the air with less buffeting and wind noise, lessening the stress on the rider's neck muscles after a long ride. The Vemar VTXE Motorcycle Helmet ain't cheap icon, but if its Italian style with functiuonality you are looking for, then look no further.

Winex 300 Motorcycle Helmet

Winex Helmets

Winex Helmets 300 series" motorcycle helmet is designed to include top shelf-features at a reasonable price. Winex started out with a polycarbonate composite shell that is DOT and Snell approved. Then they added a quick release, anti-fog, anti-scratch shield that fits flush to the helmet to minimize wind noise. The 300 series helmet also features a multi-vent system and fully removable/washable AeroCool liner to help absorb and wick away moisture.

XSpeed XF706 Motorcycle Helmet


The marketing crew at Xpeed bills their XF706 as a stylish street helmet at an affordable price. This helmet features an anti-fog shield and chrome vents, reflective graphic decal layer and a sublimated comfort liner that is fully removable and washable. The XF706 also has an advanced composite FRP shell and is available in two shell sizes. With a range of graphics and colors, the XF706 is both DOT and Snell certified. Plus, a breath deflector and double lens shield snow kit is available for dealers in sled country. The XF706 is available in adult sizes from XX to 2XL in red/black, blue/black, and silver/black Phoenix and Devil graphics . The XF706 is also available in black, white, and silver solids.


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