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Zamp Motorcycle Helmet review

by L.A.Zendarski
(Franklinville, NY)

I recently purchased a Zamp brand full face helmet to be used when riding my Yamaha Vino.

This is the first motorcycle helmet I’ve purchased and fully expected it to be very heavy as in a previous helmet I’d tried. (it was so heavy it made me feel like a bobble-head doll!) This one, however, was not as heavy and works wonderfully. The Zamp motorcycle helmet has a heavy plastic face shield that has saved me numerous times.

I’ve been hit by small stones, large bugs and butterflies and have had no problems. Had I been hit in the face with the stones, I would have been injured, perhaps severely. I don’t particularly like having my face covered but it is a safety issue and I feel it is needed.

Additionally, this helmet has a jaw shield and a lot of padding on the inside of the helmet. If there would be a crash, the force would be taken throughout the entire helmet, not just the jaw area.

The only things I don’t like about the Zamp helmet is the rubber piece that locks the plastic face shield into the jaw shield and the lack of an air vent. The rubber comes loose on occasion and is just annoying. I would like air vents to get more fresh air into the helmet.

Other than that the Zamp motorcycle helmet has been great for me.

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Oct 15, 2015
Helmet NEW
by: William Jack

Helmets is a necessary thing for riding a bike because it save us from more serious injuries and zamp motorcycle helmets are the best helmet for riding 1200 cc bikes because it keeps us more safer than other helmets. For more Click Here

Sep 04, 2015
Tyler NEW
by: Anonymous

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Feb 14, 2010
nice style except...
by: Anonymous

Helmet is not a bad choice for the money... i bought the similar helmet called masei.. exactly the same helmet when comparing them in store. Fit is a little tight but it is new so hopefully it will loosen up a bit. I would have rated it higher except that the flip visor feature (while a great idea) needs some re-working regarding the mechanism. It flips down OK using the side-mounted activator, but getting it back up is really hard. Noise is at an acceptable level.

Nov 24, 2009
they sell for US$139-159... a bit overprice.. i know how much they cost...
by: Anonymous

they sell for US$139-159... a bit overprice.. i know how much they cost...

Nov 11, 2009
Zamp Quality is Fair
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your comments! Zamp helmets are fair. I talked to their designers and dealers before and i know their quality well. They purchased many from china and taiwan oem makers.

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