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Schuberth Motorcycle Helmets go for well known tester...

Schuberth Motorcycle HelmetSchuberth Motorcycle Helmets have found a little job to keep ex Formula 1 ace Michael Schumacher busy; he has become chief tester for their range of motorcycle helmets! 

Beginning with the ‘Schuberth Race’ motorcycle helmet, Michael Schumacher will continue to bring his undoubted wealth of experience to the Schuberth’s R&D department in order to develop new models. This arrangement continues a unique and extensive relationship between the German manufacturer, and the seven-time F1 champion who developed and always used Schuberth helmets until he retired from the sport. During his forays into the world of motorbike sports the most successful Formula 1 world champion of all time  has put his trust in a Schuberth product, the specially developed “Schuberth RACE” motorcycle helmet. As head tester he is going to be involved in the development of the new Schuberth motorcycle helmets going forward.

Schuberth’s helmet engineers have developed this new motorcycle helmet in close collaboration with Schumacher. The result is an extremely lightweight and aerodynamic helmet, filled with numerous technical and safety innovations.

Since leaving four-wheel competition, Schumacher has been unable to resist his passion for all things speedy. The German’s longstanding love for motorcycles has seen him enter pro-amateur races in Europe, picking up a debut win in just his second event. Schumacher explains the continued relationship: ‘Throughout my time in Formula 1 I really appreciated just how fast and accurately the people at Schuberth were able to work. Attention to detail has always been particularly important to me, and I don’t intend to leave anything to chance in the future either.’

Hopefully we will  see some outstanding results from this collaboration as the former champ directs  his pursuit of perfection into the development of Schuberth motorcycle helmets. Formula 1 and motorcycle technology have quite a bit in common – they are both bloody dangerous, and there is no margin for error in either!

No further information on the price or availability of the ‘Schuberth Race’ helmet is available at this time.

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