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Reevu Msx1 (Rear View Mirror Helmet)

by Richard Thompson

Just bought a graphic lid with tinted visor off ebay from rj.performbikes.
I was a bit dubious at first but when i tried it on i was shocked.
If you leave the visor open or keep the clear visor on, you can see behind
you with out any real problems but when using a tinted visor the mirror
inside seems to light up and you have perfect vision.
I did a round trip of 400 miles on the weekend and it was so comfortable and
quiet ( i sometimes suffer from headaches when wearing a helmet)

This Helmet has a lot of advantages and the only disadvantage was that due to
this being the first rear view helmet ive ever tried it took me a while to
get used to having a mirror and being able to see behind.
I normally spend less than £100 on helmets but I would recommend this helmet
to everyone that rides bikes and its well worth spending that little bit extra for specs


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