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Old Bike Barn - unfavorable review

by frank

old biker barn what a joke i made a credit card Frank wrote this personal view of his experiences with the online dealer Old Bike Barn. What he has to say was confirmed by several readers of my blog. I have to say, even though I contacted Old Bike Barn to let them know about some of these negative reviews, I got no response.

Hi i placed an order on 7/30 with OBB, they billed the same day then the run around started. they won't answer the phone; they emailed and said the order was on its way but it never came. This went on for a while then they said that the order was a back order and would be here with me on the 10th of September. Well I still have yet to get the parts or my money back. I won't ever order from them again and I recommend to any one else reading this not to buy from them either. Thanks for reading, wish I could have read this site before I made my order frank

Let me make it clear, tihs site is not about bashing Old bike Barn I received these complaints actually after trying to publicise an offer that OBB were making that I thought would save people some money.

I would love to see some positive reviews on mototorcycle dealers, either online or local store, so how about it?

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