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Safety plan to ban motorcycles being considered in England

British bikers and action groups are preparing to go to war over a controversial Swedish road safety policy to ban motorcycles that is currently being looked at by English politicians.

MPs are set to discuss the scheme known as 'Vision Zero', a campaign with the goal of eradicating road deaths completely. It has already been adopted as an official policy in two Scandinavian countries, Sweden and Norway.

Just one minor problem... None of the architects behind the "vision Zero" concept can explain how its goal can be achieved while motorcycling is still legal. Claes Tingvall, the Swedish guy behind Vision Zero, has said there is "no place for motorcycles" in it. He recently said motorcycles presented a "challenge".

The British Government will discuss whether this concept should be adopted by the UK from 2010, when current road casualty targets expire.

Stephen Plowden, advisor to influential road safety group the Slower Speeds Initiative, has written to the governmental committee stating bikes over 600cc should be banned.

Riders and action groups are worried about the vision "gathering a head of steam in the UK" according to the Motorcycle Action Group. They are describing the plan as 'wacky road safety measures'.

If you are a rider, and you care about your hobby, sport or pastime, then make sure everyone knows about this situation. Make your voice be heard! this is the nanny state gone crazy. What next? Stop babies being born because they might die?

If you play any other remotely dangerous sport, take note, because you could be next!

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