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NHTSA offers news feed for motorcycle tire recalls

Want to know all about motorcycle tire recalls?

Riders have a host of things to worry about and even more to check, but now they can take motorcycle tires off the to-do list.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is bringing the news of recalled tires to the computer age, hosting an rss feed to inform subscribers of the latest motorcycle tire product recalls.

"Signing up for this service is one of the easiest things you can do to help protect yourself and the lives of your children,"U.S. Secretary of Transportation Mary E. Peters said. "We canÂ’t afford to let safety get lost in the mail."

The Secretary noted that the new motorcycle tire recalls system focuses on safety seat and tire recall information because fewer consumers have historically responded to these important safety updates. For example, less than one-third of affected consumers respond to the motorcycle tire recalls, while less than half of affected consumers respond to child seat recalls.

"When a product is defective, we want to do everything to get those unsafe products off the market," said National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Deputy Administrator James F. Ports, Jr.

To have an rss news feed on motorcycle tire recalls delivered to your computer desktop, click hereand enroll. However, the NHTSA reminds consumers to continue to register their motorcycle tires with the manufacturers, since this allows additional details and instructions about the recalls to be sent out in a timely fashion.

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