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Motorcycle sales down but not out

Official sales numbers for motorcycles sold in the United States during 2007 tell a story that both riders and manufacturers alike already know. The Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) announced recently new motorcycle retail sales declined in 2007 after 14 consecutive years of growth. Although the organization won't have final numbers until later this year, the current estimate for motorcycles and scooters sold last year is 1,105,000 units, down 7.2 percent from 1,190,000 units retailed in 2006. The news isn't completely bad however. Despite the decline, 2007 still was at least the third-best year for motorcycle sales in the past 30 years. In addition, retail numbers for scooters and dual-purpose bikes were at the highest levels in the past 20 years. The MIC estimates that combined, motorcycle, ATV and side-by-side sales topped 2.1 million units. The record for most new bikes sold in a year is 1.5 million units in 1973.

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