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Motorcycle safety clothing laws proposed by world Moto GP champ

WORLD champion motorcycle racer Casey Stoner has been singing the praises of Ewuropean standards of motorcycle safety clothing.

The and Young Australian of the Year who started the season with a win this month said he had seen "first hand" the benefits of comprehensive motorcycle safety clothing.

"It would be a great idea to introduce a minimum standard of motorcycle clothing for all motorcyclists to ensure an acceptable standard of protection," he said.

"I have experience riding with European standard of motorcycle protective clothing

The laws in several countires around the world are minimal on motorcycle clothing and normally only cover the wearing of an approved motorcycle helmet.

There are no requirements for riders to wear motorcycle gloves, motorcycle jackets, pants or even boots.

Unbelievably, Motorcycle Riders Association of Queensland president Adrian Toscano actually rejected minimum standards of motorcycle safety clothing for riders.

The George Institute study will look at the association between the use of protective clothing in motorcycle crashes and the severity and long-term consequences of any injuries sustained.

Researcher Liz de Rome said previous studies concentrated on hospitalised riders and have shown protective clothing can reduce the severity of injuries and time away from work.

"This study is unique in that it will include all riders involved in motorcycle crashes - those who escaped serious injury and those hospitalised," she said.

"Standards have been developed for motorcycle protective clothing in Europe, but they are not enforceable in Australia.

"This research will provide Australian riders with better information about the protective clothing they wear."

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