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Motorcycle Insurance Company builds website for... wait for it... motorcycle riders!

In one of the more astute pieces of marketing employed by a motorcycle insurance company ever, Allstate Insurance has unveiled AllState Garage for riders and more importantly, their motorcycle insurance needs.

Leading the charge of Allstate's new found desire to cater for motorcyclists is riding the legendary Tail of the Dragon in all its 318 twists and turns in just 11 miles. Crossing the North Carolina/Tennessee state line for more than 30 miles, this route takes riders into the crisp mountain air of the Great Smoky Mountains and coincidentally onto

The Tail of the Dragon is just one of the Great American Rides that riders ca interact with in Allstate's largest ever online marketing effort aimed at motorcycle riders. offers motorcycle riders the chance to view and map scenic routes, share on-the-road experiences and post favorite rides. Visitors can also watch 30-second cycle know-how vignettes featuring professional mechanics from Indian Larry Legacy, a custom motorcycle shop paying homage to the legendary builder, Indian Larry, and his renowned East Coast chopper-style bikes.

" is designed to make sure riders know that we don't just help protect bikes with motorcycle insurance - we help protect riders too," said Lisa Cochrane, vice president of marketing communications for Allstate. also houses motorcycle safety tips from the pro mechanics and riders and offers the website visitors the ability to create their own virtual motorcycle from scratch. The bike can then be shared with family and friends. The site stores all virtual bikes in the "showroom". Any motorcycle created online can be downloaded as wallpaper to a user's desktop.

The new motorcycle oriented Web site features specific elements including:

"Plan a Ride," which uses Google Maps to allows riders to create their own routes, chose from a library of scenic rides or check out what fellow motorcycle riders have posted as their favorites

"Build a Bike," a system allowing enthusiasts to choose from a plethora of various motorcycle parts, accessories and paint colors to create their own bike. I can't wait to see what kind of dogs dinners are dished up from this baby!

"Calendar," which is well a calendar of local and national motorcycle events

"Garage TV," This is great. It's a section which has motorcycle mechanics giving tutorials on various maintenance and motorcycle building topics

"Get a Quote" and "Find an Agent" features, which enable site visitors to enter information online for a motorcycle insurance quote or locate a nearby Allstate agent

"Motorcycle Coverage," which provides the ability to research various motorcycle insurance coverage options and features (yawn) "Safety Tips," which provides checklists and safety reminders

The company is also bringing the site to life by making its 2008 "Allstate Mobile Garage Tour". The Tour aims to travel across the US, visiting several states, stopping at some of the nation's most popular and historic rallies. The mobile garage provides rally attendees a place to relax, sit in massage chairs, view a collection of custom motorcycles, and enter to win a custom Chopper built for Allstate by Chopper College.

...and maybe, just maybe buy some motorcycle insurance?

Seriously, hats off the Allstate for a superb initiative aimed squarely at the people who are actually buying their motorcycle insurance products, the riders themselves.

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