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Motorcycle Accessories for touring "Long Way Down style"...

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Motorcycle Accessories for Touring
Whether your are a devotee of the Road Kings open road style of touring, an off road weekend warrior or a true motorcycle adventurer, the motorcycle touring accessories available just boggles the mind. It isn't just Honda Gold Wingers looking for auxiliary lights and teddy bears to dangle off their morrors any more! Adventure motorcycle touring and aggressive sport-touring are taking off big time. Regardless of the genre, these experienced riders tend to equip themselves more thoroughly than their casual boulevard cruising counterparts — helmets, luggage, rain gear, fairing extensions, gloves, GPS ... you name it, we need it! This particular article is inspired by the brillinat motorycle touring undertaken on behalf of UNICEF by Ewen MacGregor nad Charley Boorman in the Lony Way Around and Down's a short list of some of the must-have touring add-ons for 2008; of course if your idea of adventure is a tripo to the out of town mall, rest asssuerd this gear will give you all the proctection an comfort you need...


Kilimajaro 4.0 Motorcycle Jacket

First Gear Kilimanjaro 4.0 Motorcycle Jacket

The Long way Round guys were inundated with great sponsors; and part of the kit sponsorship requirements was fulfilled by British motorcycle clothing company Belstaf, who produced custom made to measure jackets for Ewen and Charley. A custom made jacket may be a bit out of our price range, but as an alternative, the FirstGear Kilmanjaro 4.0 Motorcycle Jacket would give even a top of the range Belstaf a run for its money. In terms of protection, all Firstgear textile jackets employ Hypertex®, which is Firstgear's own blend of abrasion resisstant material To ensure the ultimate level ofprotection should you find yourself sliding down the road, all the Kilimanjaro motorcycle textile jackets are double stitched using five-ply nylon thread . These motorcycle jackets also feature CE-approved armor in the elbows and shoulders, the two most commonly impacted areas of your body. Check out the pricing of the Kilimanjaro motorcycle jacket right here... icon

Alpinestars ST-5 Drystar 

Motorcycle Pant

Alpinestars ST-5 Drystar Motorcycle Pant

To go with the Kilimanjaro Jacket, a decent pair of pants is essential. The ST-5 Drystar Motorcycle Pant from AlpineStars is a superb pair of motorcycle pants, road tested and well rated by many riders. Some of the more outstanding features of the AlpineStars ST-% motorcycle pants include the Alpinestars exclusive waterproof and breathable Drystar® internal lining, removable CE-certified Smart knee/shin protectors give you the padding where you need it; ergonomically placed stretch panels give some real flexibility, removable PE hip padding, leg gusset openings with YKK spiral zippers and a waist connection zipper allows attachment to selected Alpinestars leather and textile pants. The removable thermal liner allows you to adjust comfort levels depending on the weather. Not the cheapest motorcycle pants on the market, but still good value for money, especially if you can get a deal on them. icon


Lightning Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves

Teknic Lightning Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves

A decent pair of motorcycle gloves are an essential motorcycle accessory for any serious touring, and the Lightning Motorcycle Gloves from Teknic fit the bill to a tee. The feature of this glove include a Powerskin®: 100 % waterproof, windproof and breathable glove liner with knuckle & finger protectors right throughout the glove. A Kevlar lined palm & little finger adds to the protection offered by these gloves, as does the Nylon ulna bone protector and Nylon wrist protectors. Not flash, but designed for a purpose. anyway, you dont want rainbow coloured Valentino rossi style motorcycle gloves while your are trekking across the Serengheti, do you? Check out current pricing here icon

Sidi Vertigo Corsa 

Motorcycle Boots

Sidi Vertigo Corsa Motorcycle Boots

The motorcycle boots of choice for the Long Way Down guys were sidi, who have long had a great reputation all over the world for their superb footwear. I have plumped for the Vertigo Corsa Motorcycle Boots; fully waterproof, breatheable, and a boot style which requires little or no breaking in. Some of the featuresa of this great boot include a three stage, shock absorbing heel cup molded in three different densities of plastic, a totally breathable inner lining system, plus these boots' outer is fully constructed with Lorica, a composite micro fiber material created from strands less than one thousandth the thickness of silk. When injected with special resins, these fibers act like natural leather skin, but with the addition of better strength, softer texture, lighter weight and better moisture protection. Lorica is also highly resistant to abrasion, yet it still breathes. Check out the current pricing on the Sidi Vertigo Corsa motorcycle boots right here. icon

Shoei Multitec Modular 

motorcycle helmet

Shoei Multitec Modular Motorcycle Helmet

The Helmets of choice for our intrepid adventurers wer Arai First tour helmets. The up to date version of this would be the Arai XD-3 which has been revied in an earleir article. I think the guys missed a trick though in not goiung for a modular or flip up helmet like the Shoei Multitec. This modulsar motorcycle helmet is a perfect motorcyce accessory for touring because it gives you al the comfort of a full fce helmet at high speed, yet allows you to go open fsace at the lower speeds you are likely to encounter in rough terrain. the perfect compromise for a serious touring motorcycle helmet. That is not taking anything away frpom the Arai though they are superb helmets in their own right. Check out more details and pricing here icon .....

Chase Harper ET4000 

Motorcycle Saddlebag

Chase Harper ET4000 Motorcycle Saddlebag

Any serious motorcycletourer would not even consider going out on the road without a decent set of motorcycle luggage. The Logn Way Down boys were given state of the art panniers constructed of lightweight metal, designed to withstand almost any extreme conditions. for most of us mere mortals this just preactical. It would take a bomb to dislodge that kind of luggae from the motorcycle! so I have opted to go for a set of Chase Harper Motorcycle Saddlebags icon, strong, waterproof, yet easily removeable from the motorcycle so you can still pose down the cafe at weekends. Not that I would ever even consider doing such a thing...

Tour Master Super 14 

Motorcycle Tank Bag

Tour Master Super14 Motorcycle Tank Bag

If you are on a long trip, the saddlebags probably wont cover your luggage need. Chase Harper also do a set of tank bags, but I opted for a Tour Master Super 14 Motorcycle Tank Bag icon based on the customer reviews from Motorcycle Superstore

Toumaster Synergy Heated Motorcycle Vest

Tour Master

If your not into hard core motorcycle touring, this is one of the motorcycle accessories you migfht consider indisepensable. Keep comfy by plugging into Tour Master's "Synergy" electrically heated jacket liner. It boats a comfortable rip-stop nylon shell with a soft taffeta lining as well as 100gm Polyfill insulation that increases warmth and heat retention. The lightweight and flexible carbon fiber heating elements provide consistent, even heat while the solid state electronically controlled thermostat easily and accurately adjusts through three temperature levels. Expanding side panels allow for a snug comfortable fit, and a heated collar helps seal out the cold and wind. Just the thing for armchair comforts while touring! Check out the pricing here icon...

Olympia Sports Terminator Motorcycle Glove

Olympia Sports Terminator Motorcycle Glove

As an alternative to the Teknic gloves, you could go for Olympia Sports' Terminator Motorcycle Glove. Design features start with Super deluxe drum dyed cowhide shell, and Lightweight, heavy duty, black Turbo aluminum knuckle protectors The gloves have vented protective fingers and thumb, with reflective safety strips, again on fingers and thumb. A double layer reinforced leather on thumb, throttle finger and palm adds to the protection Superb knuckle flex design with power stretch accordinon under the aluminum knuckle protector . A good 3 season glove at a very reasonable price icon

Motion Pro American Multi Purpose Tool

Motion Pro American Multi Purpose Tool

This handy little tool set is something no motorcycle touring enthusiast should be without. Designed for roadside adjustments or services on machine with SAE fasteners as well as 7/16", 1/2" and 9/16" sockets. It comes self-contained in a handy pouch that can be worn on a belt. Also comes in a Metric version. Click here to see more... icon


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