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Harley Davidson goes on the sales offensive with a new slogan

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harley davidson screaming eagleHarley-Davidson thinks America is on the edge of a psychjological abyss over the state of the economy, so it has decided to do all US citizens everywhere a favor, and give them all something else to focus on.

The motorcycle company's  new slogan, devised by Minneapolis ad firm Carmichael Lynch, is: 

"So screw it, let's ride."

The catchy little ditty is quite a way away  from Harley-Davidson's past slogans, which stirred those feelings of the American Dream like this one, "It's not the destination, it's the journey."

But the Milwaukee company  wanted to send an rousing message in these less than favourable economic times. "Harley riders have always had an optimistic view of the future," spokesman Paul James said. "We're thumbing our noses at the hand-wringing in the public dialogue."

Carmichael Lynch has since tried to distance itself a little from the ad, saying it had to defer to Harley-Davidson.

The new ad, titled "We don't do fear," is being run in publications such as USA Today, Sports Illustrated, Military Times and NASCAR Scene.

If the ad seems to be a little bit agressive, itcould be because Harley-Davidson is suffering the same economic roller coaster as many of its consumers. Harley sales were down nearly 13 percent in its most recent quarter as motorcycle buyers stopped buying... er... motorcycles

Heres the place to check it out. Whats your opinion? 

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