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Harley Dvidson Eyes up MV Augusta: "Ciao, Bella!"

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Well it looks like the guys at Harley have wandering eyes, especially for sophisticated Italian Beauties...Harley Davidson Girl

According to Messaggero, an Italian press outlet, Harley are making amorous advances to MV Augusta, the debt ridden producer of expensive European glamour pussies. The deal would see Harley-Davidson  buy out most of the debt of MV Agusta, which stands currently at around a whopping 200 million euros -- 130 million euros held by banks and 70 million euros held by suppliers.

The operation would envisage a write off of part of the debt, Messaggero said.

Harley-Davidson wants to write off about 35 percent of the debt but the banks and suppliers arent willing to carry the can for all of that and want that amount reduced to at least 30 percent.

Intesa Sanpaolo SpA holds debt of MV Agusta of about 95 million euros, Messaggero said.

The paper said Harley-Davidson could buy 80-85 percent of MV Agusta's capital, leaving businessman and long term supporter of MV Augusta, Claudio Castiglioni, with 15-20 percent.

Castiglioni currently owns 29.6 percent of MV Agusta while 65.4 percent is owned by the finance company Gevi.

So Harley Davidson is going up inthe world? Or maybe Harley is compromisong its ideals to try and broaden its market appeal? I guess that depends on how you look at things, but from any prespective, this is an exciting piece of news from Italy....

....if its true of course...

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