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Got Pant Creep?

by Carl
(Burleson, TX)

After work hours, I wear jeans that are
two inches longer than my inseam and
ten inch boots when riding. No problems there.

Going to work each morning, I still wear
ten inch high boots but with double knit slacks.
My slacks tend to bunch up and creep over the top
of the boots after just a couple of miles of riding.
The problem is especially more prevalent on the
left side of my bike.
I have tried weights, safety pins, clips,
elastic bands and snaps, rubber bands and
coat hangers to solve the issue.

I finally found an easy answer.
Get those 4 by 6 inch iron-on elbow patches.
They don't have to be same color as the pants as
they will be ironed on on the inside of the pants.
Cut them into two each two-by-six inch strips.
Iron them on 1 inch above the bottom of the inside
of the pant leg and on either side of the
front crease. Do the same on the inside
of the other pant leg.

No more worry or thoughts about it and I haven't
had a problem for many moons.

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Oct 09, 2015
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Jun 12, 2015
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