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Death Angel USMC

by Matt Little
(Columbus, Ohio)

Started at 14, and was hooked on M.P.H! I had a 125cc dirt comming off a turn and into a huge hill that went up to the left and dropped down to the right. I wrecked, like an idiot, amd a lot of scrubbin to get all the gravel out of my leg. Got my first crotch rocket GSXR750, red, black, silver, gold, man, it was love at first sight and smell. After that, I really started going fast. I was always running from cops, but as you know things will catch up to you. In 1988, I got out of the Marine Corps, and got a job in Columbus Ohio at Columbus Distributing, which is right down the road from budwiser. I had it gravy. Well, that weekend, we were going canyon racing at old mans cave. ON the way over, a pig clocked me at 80, not fast at all, so I already had an escape route planned, so I hit it. Going into a tight turn, I headed straight into the bridge abutment at 130mph. I spend 2 months on life support. Anyway, started rebuilding my bike with a place called Mobile Cycle Works in Ashville Ohio. I really like Air Tech Parts, very solid..I did my bike on the factory lucky strike bike with my own flares thrown in. People are always trippin' on my bike, and then they really trip when they see a leg strapped to my back (lost it in the accident, and have no where to put it). It is very arnold schwartzenegger looking. haha. Anyway, I also use Hi-fire systems with capacitors, pengle pep cocks. Anyway, my dad thinks I'm a loser, having 4 girls with not a whole lot of cash, but I know that I love bikes, boats, and risking it all. Eddie, my mom lives in Orange city Florida, and she is dying of cancer, and she is a really cool mama. I don't know what I'll do when she checkes out. I'd like to just sell everything and just sail around the world, but that would not be fair to my girls. I guess I'd like to get back to my roots in Ft. Lauderdale Fla., and do some damage. I guess I just need a mentor. I know when things look right together, Love single sided swingarms, and I love bikes with gas gauges on them. Definately, making a skull bike that has like tattoo's all over it. I know a guy who does real flame, meaning you can't tell the difference. Anyway, I love hard work, I love design, welding. I got my college degree in the wrong fucking area, Nursing. I have a BSN and graduated well, but in the wrong fucking area. I guess I'd like your opinion on what I should do, and if you have any room in your organization for 1 more? Just a thought. I also have a restored 1980 Black/Gold Trans Am with T-Tops, and it is sweet. I love the classic cars. Anyway man, let me know. When I learn how to operate this digital camera and download it, I pick up some picks and send them to ya. Every year we go to the Ocean walk in Daytona, since it is close to my mom, and I would really like to be closer to her now that she is wasting away. Keep making them where the rubber meats (it works, could say meets, but meats sounds more sinister) the road. Later, M

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