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Arai Motorcycle Helmets

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Arai Helmets

Arai Helmets are renowned as the world's best motorcycle helmet. Every Arai helmet is virtually 100% handmade. As each helmet is constructed, the craftsman will sign the shell. Throughout the construction process, every single helmet is hand inspected at least three times. Yes that's right, not every hundreth helmet, or even every tenth helmet - every single helmet. 

As with the other feartures in the section on motorcycle gear, I have made a personal selection of 3 Arai motorcycle helmets, A model from the top of the range, a value for money selection and an alternative, which in most cases is an open face helmet. If you dont agree with my selections, dont worry! you can find the full range of Arai motorcycle helmets right here icon ...

Arai Sinister Motorcycle Helmet

Top of the range: Arai Sinister Motorcycle Helmet

This is one great looking helmet! Snell M2005 & AS1698 approved, A completely new shell & distinctively hyper-ridge reinforcement band  The overall helmet shape is "organic": narrow, sleeker and more aerodynamic to feel more calm in the wind.

 J-type side pods have a lower profile and more closely match the shape of the shell to provide a much cleaner, aerodynamic look and function.

Lower centre of gravity and a  Super complex laminate construction (SCLC)
Arai's unique single-piece multi-density hybrid EPS inner liner with a plush interior - fully removable and washable liner, inter-changeable for optimum fit 11 venting ducts in total with controlled chin ventilation with integrated carbon filter, visor brow ventilation ducts, recessed TDF-2 front intake ducts, wider and flatter with larger intake holes.

DDL-3 rear exhaust ducts  and Enhanced side exhaust port system. 

2mm polycarbonate visor with de-mist visor lock  Double D ring strap for guaranteed safe fastening.

Arai Quantum II Motorcycle Helmet

Value for money: Arai Quantum II Motorcycle Helmet

Arai's Quantum-2,  represented the most sweeping changes they made to their best-selling helmet since the Quantum/f model was introduced in 2000. Nine major upgrades and changes to be exact. Now, most companies wouldn't touch their best seller, but Arai isn't most companies - and their R&D staff never sleeps.

Inside, the Quantum-2's main feature is its washable, fully-removable liner. It also has a redesigned comfort liner which Arai says "pays increased attention to comfort by repositioning and adding interior padding, providing a level of comfort that could previously only be found in a full, non-removale liner". Removeable chinstrap covers that allow dirty covers to be easily removed for cleaning (and damaged covers to be replaced easily) and a breathguard design also borrowed from the Corsair, complete the interior changes.

The current pricing for the Quantum 2 can be found here icon
 Arai SZ-Ramm III Motorcycle Half Helmet

Open Face helmet: Arai SZ-Ram III Motorcycle Half Helmet

This helmet offers probably the most protection of any helmet that is not a full face helmet. some of the features include:
The penetration test of falling the 3kg cone test striker through a height of 300cm is conducted, although it is not required by European helmet standards.  

Fibreglass shells are strong and lightweight ensuring excellent wearer comfort.  

Arai's unique technology of giving multiple different densities to the liner as a single component instead of assembling several different density liners to make the final part.  

Enables a more enveloping fit toward the bottom opening allowing improved streamlining and a smarter appearance at the same time.  

Reinforcement at the bottom of the outer shell for more strength, including the area around the rear exhaust vents.
Diffusers and ventilation ducts are integrated into the outer shell for a smooth helmet surface.  

Aerodynamically shaped, optically correct pre-formed visors for better vision and UV ray protection, with less distortion.  

Lever Release System. Visor change in seconds without tools.

Check out the pricing on the SZ-Ram III here icon

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