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Adventure motorcycling on the Silk Road

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Just how far rider and motorcycle can be pushed was explored on a recent 8,000 mile journey tracing the ancient path of the Silk Road, and it was all caught on camera.

Difficult riding conditions, mechanical breakdowns, harsh weather and accidents mix with intrigue, history and cultures of the ancient Silk Road in a new motorcycle DVD adventure from GlobeRiders. Adventure motorcyclist Helge Pedersen, founder of GlobeRiders LLC in Seattle, WA, led a group of adventurers on a journey to follow the ancient Silk Road route by motorcycle.

GlobeRiders Silk Road Adventure, a 2 DVD disc set, provides over four hours of adventure travel excitement. The video takes viewers on the 8,000 mile journey from Istanbul, Turkey, to Xian, China, following the ancient path of the Silk Road. Eighteen riders endured some of the most severe weather and road conditions to be found anywhere for 53 days, before they finally make it to Xian, China.

His fifth motorcycle adventure and instructional DVD program produced in the last 3 years, Pedersen has worked on all five programs in conjunction with award winning producer, videographer and editor Sterling Noren. Their videos are popular for bringing viewers up close to extraordinary adventures and international cultures.

GlobeRiders Silk Road Adventure provides a unique look at the many details involved in traveling on a major international motorcycle expedition. From dealing with extreme road conditions, terrain and weather to learning new cultural customs, each member of the expedition shares their experiences and personal insights with viewers.

Produced as an adventure and cultural documentary, Pedersen and Noren have created a story that they hope will intrigue both motorcyclists and non-motorcyclists all over the world. During the journey, Noren filmed over 80 hours of HD (High-Definition) video footage as the travelers followed the roads and tracks of the ancient traders and their caravans. "To create a four hour documentary from over 80 hours of footage is an adventure in itself" states Sterling Noren When you're on an adventure like this, everywhere you point your camera has a story the video could easily have been twice as long, we had so much great material to work with"

Helge Pedersen states, "We've put together a mixture of raw motorcycle adventure, wonderful cultural interactions and incredible nature and landscapes encountered by our group of motorcycle travelers. We hope the shows will fascinate and inspire the audience whether they're riders or just love travel adventure."

GlobeRiders Silk Road Adventure has a suggested retail price of $29.95. It is available nationally, along with other popular GlobeRiders DVDs from on-line retailers, travel and DVD retailers, and many motorcycle retailers.

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