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Buell 1125R motorcycle for 2008

Bluell 1125R motorcycle for 2008No I'm not joking, that is the 2008 Buell 1125R motorcycle on the right! Now come on be honest, you were thinking Italian maybe, or Japanese, or maybe even the new steed from  England? No, it's from the good ole US of A, and is a fitting launch this year, given the fact that Buell is 25 years old in 2008. The Buell 1125R is making a big splash in the American motorcycle market and the sportbike industry in general, with serious performance figures coming out of a beautifully styled design.

Buell, a subsidiary of Harley-Davidson have been using Harley engines in their motorcycles for years. It has been the view of many in the industry for quite a while now that the Harley power units are not a great fit with the streetbike/sports tourer market. To their credit the guys in charge have swallowed their pride and looked elsewhere for the power source on the Buell 1125R. The upgrade has been found in the shape of a  liquid-cooled engine made by Austria's BRP Rotax. The engine is a 1125CC, but still a V Twin oriented at 72 degrees, cranking out 146 horsepower @ 10,500 rpm. Plenty of grunt for even the most demanding power hungry biker... 

This motorcycle is more comfortable than most for the rider due to ample leg room and grips that are positioned higher for the rider. This is a smart design move by Buell since it makes the bike much more appealing for the serious tourers who are likely to put some heavy annual mileage on the bike. The last thing you need on a bike like that is an uncomfortable riding position.

Yes thisBuell 1125R is enguineered superbly,  and it's an excellent street motorcycle. Having a comfortable ride under you is so important for those long rides, and Buell knew that when designing the Buell 1125R. However, stopping power on a bike like this  is as important as mashing the throttle and tearing up the roads, and this motorcycle has enough braking power to stop a runaway train! (well almost). The front brakes are an eight-piston caliber design borrowed from the XBRR race bike.

This bike is likely to be as comfortable on the track as on the streets, and will probably steal a fair chunk of the market  from the imports. The front suspension is a 47mm inverted fork with adjustable compression and rebound damping and preload. The rear suspension is an adjustable compression and rebound damping and preload design. The fuel system is electronic fuel injection with dual 61mm throttle bodies. It has a six-speed transmission, with a belt drive from Goodyear based on NASCAR cam belt technology  turning a Goodyear on the rear. The bike has a weight of 421 pounds with fluids before a full tank with a wheelbase of 54.6 inches. If you're looking for an American built sportbike for the track or street stop looking, the Buell 1125R is definitely your baby!.

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