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June 20, 2006 07:47 - Motorcycle Daily reviews the Avon Viper Sport Motorcycle Tire

Sportbike tires from Avon have been almost absent from the mindset of the U.S. sportbike tire buyer's range of choices; I think if you asked most motorcycle riders, the company's image would be more with sport touring and touring motorcycles.
This reaction is to be expected, when you consider successful foray Avonmotorcycle tires had;in the world of motorcycle competition was 1963 a bit before my time, snd most other ridersI suspect! You can read more about Avon motorcycle tires on my web pages, but basically Avon has been churning out car tires since 1885, and motorcycle tires since 1911. In 1997, Avon was acquired by Cooper Tire & Rubber, which gave Avon access to new, high tech design and development facilities. In 2000, Avon brought out the Azaro series, a radial tire meant to combine high grip and low wear characteristics, but it never quite captured the imagination of U.S. sportbike riders. Will things change with the brand new Viper Sport? Check out this excellent review by Willy Ivins here

June 20, 2006 15:44 - Kawasaki and women in motorcycling

If you are into Kawasaki motorcycles, you're a woman and can get to Athens Georgia next week, check out this conference from Kawasaki...

Join Kawasaki June 30 - July 2 in Athens, Georgia for the AMA/FIM International Women & Motorcycling Conference. As a participating sponsor and leader in motorcycle sales to women, Kawasaki is proud to support America’s women riders, with “confidence inspiring” products such as the Ninja 250 and the all-new critically acclaimed Ninja 650R. Demo Rides Escorted demo rides will be provided daily on a selection of Kawasaki streetbikes. Demo rides tend to fill up fast, so be sure to come early to sign-up! * All riders must have a valid motorcycle license, helmet and appropriate apparel for demo rides. Seminars Don’t miss “Inspire Me”, a seminar on turning your passion for motorcycling into a career path. Learn from the women who have done just that, including Kawasaki’s Public Relations Manager Jan Plessner. Please check your conference schedule for all seminar times and locations.

  •  June 30 - July 2, 2006 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Event
  • Location: The Classic Center 300 N. Thomas Street Athens, Georgia
  • To register for the AMA/FIM International Women Motorcycling Conference please visit For more information, please visit:

Kawasaki are one of the sponsors, but whatever bike you are into it should be an enjoyable informative conference.

June 24, 2006 07:50 - Big displacement Honda in the pipeline?

There is a rumour in the motorcycle industry that the guys at honda have finally dcided to do something about their big bike range. When Honda introduced the VTX1800 several years ago, it was the biggest bike around. at the time, a v-twin motorcycle this size in production at such a large volume was unheard of. Since the Kawasaki Vulcan 2000, and then the Triumph Rocket III (displacing roughly 2,300cc) has changed the playing field, cruiser enthusiasts no longer think of 1800cc cruisersas "big" Is Honda planning to do more than just catch up and introduce an even larger cruiser? The rumor is that this could happen . Honda supposedly has a range of new models ready for autumn launch. If there is such a bike being developed, and if it is intended as a 2007 model, we may see something as early as this September. Keep watching this space...

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