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History of Yoshimura motorcycle exhausts

Hideo Yoshimura ,also known as "Pops",started the company that was to become Yoshimura motorcycle exhausts back in 1954. Like many of todays great names in the motorcycle parts industry,Yoshimura had a humble beginning. From the original shop in Japan, a seed of amibtion was planted and it started to grow.

Like several other well known motorcycle exhaust manufacturers, Yoshimuras initial focus was the development and building of race engines for motorcycles and race cars.

 ...the legend grows....

The reputation of Yoshimura grew quickly. The engines that Yoshimura were building were as fast as anything else around at the time. Pretty soon he had a loyal following of hardcore racers. In the seventies, Yoshimura made the move to America and started up the American division of his company. Yoshimura R&D of America was formed,Yoshimura motorcycle exhausts were being sold and soon became a familar name around all the racetracks in the country.

The Yoshimura approach to racing proved very successful. The attention to detail and quest for perfection became almost a religion for every Yoshimura employee from day one. The products were clearly a cut above the competition and the business grew.

 ....an unbeatable formula...

The formula was then, and is still now, very simple. Performance and quality of product first; then worry about the business! Yoshimura today has the same basic formula. In an extremely competitive sector of the aftermarket where new exhaust companies are springing up all the time, Yoshimura motorcycle exhausts just keep growing. The Yoshimura devotees recognise that there will never be a compromise with Yoshimura motorcycle exhausts, because the product development comes straight from the most exacting and critical laboratory in the world; the motorcycle racetrack! Only when the exhausts are proven there will they find their way back to the customer.

 A combination of family involvement in the company and the promotion from within of people who know and embrace the yoshimura way of working has resulted in a continuity in the way the business is run which only has benefits for the customer.For example, Watana Nabe came up through the ranks at Yoshimura. He started out as a race mechanic and now runs the largest sportbike pipe manufacturing business in the world.

 ...racing first, business second...

 Nabe earned a fundamental understanding of the manufacturing process in his long apprenticeship and has since been involved in the development of a lot of innovative techniques in manufacturing, production, and Yoshimura motorcycle exhaust design. The result of these innovations is leadership in one of the most competitive segments of the aftermarket. One thing remains constant at yoshimura motorcycle exhausts; a devotion to racing and building products capable of winning. Yoshimura puts racing first, business second. As it turns out, this philosophy has insured Yoshimuras business success.

...race to win...

Yoshimura has a very straight forward philosophy. They race to win.The spirit of racing started everything at Yoshimura, and to this day, drives everything that they do as a company.Fortunately for Yoshimura motorcycle exhausts, the consumer recognizes quality and performance and this keeps their business growing through the years.Yoshimura exhaust is a company that has a crystal clear philosophy. It is through racing that they can develop and test new products at the harshest environment. The research is used to develop race bikes and then to take this knowledge and develop products for the consumer.The R&D guys are constantly developing new parts while simultaneously refining existing ones.

 ...number 1 in the world....

Yoshimura is the largest sportbike aftermarket pipe manufacturer in the world. They ship out thousands of Yoshimura motorcycle exhausts each month to customers all around the world. Over the years, their reputation has driven sales to the point where they are the clearly the industry leader in sport bike exhausts.

 Several years ago Yoshimura came to the conclusion that to be the leader on the track and with the customer, they needed to take the manufacture of components in house. Stocking wasn't a viable option. Hand made "works" parts were inconsistent in specification and quality at times. As a result, about 25 years ago Yoshimura started building all CNC parts in house.Since then, numerous products have been added such as rearsets, triple clamps and engine components. As with all of their products, Yoshimura hard parts are built to extremely high levels of quality and performance.

...Yoshimura and Suzuki...

Yoshimura motorcycle exhausts and Suzuki have become major development partners over the years. Yoshimura went to the Suzuki 8 hours with the awesome Yoshimura Hayabusa X1 and came away with first place! In celebration of this fantastic achievement, and as a way to share with the their fans a truly outstanding motorcycle, the bike was offered to the public. The X1 and the more aggressive X1-R Yoshimura Hayabusas are great looking bikes! Starting life as a stock Hayabusa, the bike ended up as a Yoshimura tribute bike, full of super trick Yoshimura add ons. The bike was "sort-of" street registerable (?), even though it will do almost four times the posted speed limit. The bike sold out in three months due to the high demand! The X1 is the ultimate Hayabusa, and a testament to the partnership between two great companies. And before you ask, no I havent got one, but it wont stop me dreaming....

So what about the exhausts? Here is a summary of some (but by no means all) of the Yoshimura motorcycle exhaust range

Yoshimura Exhaust Systems

The Tri-Oval system is a dual titanium tip racing exhaust. It features tapered quick-release headers using the latest in exhaust design technology. Mated to the collector is an exotic muffler shape that offers maximum ground clearance and great sound. The Tri-Oval system is available in stainless steel and titanium full system with titanium sleeve or optional carbon fiber sleeve. Tri-Oval is available in race only configuration.and is the standard against which many other race exhausts are measured. Race track proven by the Yoshimura Suzuki AMA Superbike Race Team,Yoshimura motorcycle exhausts reckon that the people who hand pack four time AMA champion Mat Mladin's RS-3 muffler pay the same meticulous attention to detail when making your exhaust system! Having had personal experience of their products, I don't doubt that for one second. The muffler is available in race or zyclone baffle. Zyclone baffle offers good performance gain with a lower sound level than a race baffle.

Yoshimura's TRS single outlet Tri-Oval is derived from Tri-Oval technology, TRS offers the benefits of the Tri-Oval shape and sound quality of the RS-3 system. The TRS system is the same race system that took Aaron Yates to the 2002 AMA 600 Supersport title. TRS is available in race or zyclone baffle and offered in Stainless Steel, Titanium and Carbon FIber sleeve options.

Full Exhaust System:

Taper header tube, large primary header, 4 into 2 into 1 style, and duplex crossover are the kind of features you will find on the Yoshimura motorcycle exhaust Full system. They increase low and mid range torque while allowing maximum gain in high end horsepower.

Bolt On System:

Easy muffler replacement is a simple option for added horsepower. A bolt-on system bolts directly to the muffler flange of the stock exhaust system tail pipe by a CNC machined aluminum adaptor; this adaptor ensures compatibility of the exhaust fitting whatever the stock system.


 A slip on replacement gives modest power gains and can significantly reduce exhaust system weight. The slip-ons will give your motorcycle the look of a complete system. Take a look at the test results for slip on exhausts here .The Yoshimura motorcycle exhaust muffler is attached to a computerized mandrel bent 304L polished stainless steel mid pipe to assure a perfect fit to the collector of the stock header.

Half System:

Many newer motorcycles have OEM actuated valve or extra baffles in the tail section. A half system replaces them with a straight through tail pipe for maximum horsepower gain. You will definitely need a rejetting with this though.

For me  as a fan,Yoshimura exhausts can be summed up in two words: Performance guaranteed.

Yoshimura exhausts are readily available online, and here are my three top outlets for Yoshimura exhausts....

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