Women and motorcycles? You Bet!

There is something about women and motorcycles that, no matter what your level of interest in motorcycles is very compelling. Here is one authors take on the subject...

To really understand the women and her ride, one needs to go back in history to explore the courageous women who defied the norm and road their horses in the freedom of the wind. Who could forget Joan of Arc or Annie Oakley. Two completely different women who followed their own council and fought for their right to ride in a man’s world. Or the women warlords who fought while on horseback and brandished their swords with the best of them. (and yes, women really did that) What man could resist such a women?

Women’s love affair with the motorcycle began with the bicycle back in the 1800’s. They became hugely popular with women. Susan B. Anthony once said, “A bicycle has done more for the emancipation of women more than any other thing in this world”.

When the motorized bicycle was developed in the early 1900’s, it opened up a whole new realm of adventure for the high-spirited woman of the day. Many women took to the open road not on horseback, but on the iron horse. Adventurous women enjoyed many long distance rides. Some were skilled enough to do stunt riding. No mean feat, especially on the earlier bikes.

The ride for men and women are uniquely different. A man on his ride is master of the iron muscle and his testosterone kicks in while he uses his arms and upper body to control the beast. He is lord and master of his ride. Women take a more subtle approach. They use their lower body and their curves to hug the open road. It’s a sensual bond between the bike and the woman. She is also master of the ride but she controls it with more passion and finesse.

There is something about seeing a woman on a motorcycle that makes you take notice. You can see the iron muscle being controlled with femininity. It’s the combination of power and aesthetics that make it an irresistible combination.

There is nothing like the open road for both men and women. To experience the freedom and the wind, the sites you see and people you meet along the way that fuel the spirit and feed the soul. This experience is something no one can take from you.


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