Vance and Hines Motorcycle Exhaust; the birth of a legend...

Vance and Hines motorcycle exhausts were born out of a friendship, a common desire not to settle for second best, and a winning attitude that has made Vance and Hines motorcycle exhausts known and respected throughout the world.

The history of the Vance and Hines combination goes back over thirty years, when Terry Vance and Byron Hines first met. As a team, with Terry riding and Byron tuning, the duo became a force to be reckoned with on every drag strip in the US.

The combination of feedback from Terry when riding the bikes and the ability of Byron to use that feedback to squeeze more and more power out of the motorcycle setup resulted in win after win for the pair, and they quickly became two of the most recognised names in motorcycling. 27 NHRA national event victories in topfuel bike and Pro Stock bike are testament to their dominance of the sport. 

Vance and Hines exhausts were still a long way off however; in the early 1980s, Terry and Byron had taken their partnership into the commercial field, forming their own company to build racing engines. It was almost inevitable given the impact that well designed motorcycle exhausts can have on engine performance, that by 1983, Vance and Hines exhaust systems would be coming off the production line for both drag racing and street bike applications.

In the mid 1990’s all of the Vance and Hines motorcycle exhaust expertise and know how was brought to bear on the V-Twin marketplace,. Vance and Hines immediately recognised that in this market, looks, style and performance are equally important. By focusing on the needs of this market, Vance and Hines have become one of the most popular aftermarket parts for cruiser riders all over the world.

The competition is pretty fierce in the  exhaust aftermarket, but Vance and Hines motorcycle exhausts  continue to push the development of their products through their involvement with drag bike racing. The cutting edge development needed to stay competitive on the strip is continually being brought to the consumer though the development of new exhaust systems.

In 2000, Vance and Hines moved into a bigger production facility , right next door to the old one in  Santa Fe Springs, California. However the demand for Vance and Hines motorcycle exhausts has continued to grow at such a rate that in 2003, they expanded back into the old factory, in order to give them the space to produce a range of Vance and Hines motorcycle exhausts that now runs to over 250 models.

Vance and Hines are readily available online, and with the attention to quality shown in the production of these exhaust systems, they are probably one of the safest online purchases you can make in the parts and accessories market today.

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